How to Focus on an Essay: Ultimate Concentration Guide

“I can’t focus on writing my essay.” This is a common complaint you will hear from students when they need to write an essay. Nonetheless, students should implement ways how to focus on an essay to ensure they put together all the relevant points in a flowing manner to bring out a meaningful context.

Focus on writing: what makes students lose focus while writing?

While students need to determine techniques on how to focus on writing, it is significant to establish the elements that cause poor concentration so as to determine ways to ensure there is maximum concentration. Several reasons cause lack of concentration, and some of them include:

  • Lack of sleep

Sleep is essential in a person’s life, and lack of enough sleep will slow down the concentration process. Besides, without enough sleep, it becomes hard for a person to focus on tasks, especially when critical thinking is involved.

  • Environment

The learning environment will determine the focus and concentration of a student. In whichever environment you are writing your essay, ensure it is accommodating in terms of no noise, good lighting, and accommodating temperature.

  • Stress

Stress will affect students of any age, and too much stress will impact the student’s performance negatively. Daily worries about common problems are the main factors contributing to stress in students. When writing an essay, try and avoid such thoughts to ensure you avoid stress at all costs.

How to make yourself write an essay

Are you wondering how to quickly write an essay as you increase concentration on essay? Well, try the following practical tips and write your essay with ease without many struggles.

  1. Understand the topic first

When writing an essay, nothing will put a student off like a complex and hard topic to comprehend. This will definitely make the student lose focus. When given the option to choose a topic, be keen to select an accommodating and interesting topic you can understand better. However, in the case where you are given a complex topic, take time, analyze the topic well and understand what the topic is all about before you begin the research.

  1. Create an essay structure first

When you start an essay without a clear plan, it is easy to lose focus along the way. To ensure you stay motivated throughout and that you don’t lose concentration, create an essay structure or outline first to guide you through each section and the content to put in each section.

  1. Know the essay type

Although academic essays might have the same approach, there are some slight distinctions depending on the type of essay a student is writing. For instance, an expository essay is all about investigating an idea, evaluating the evidence, and creating an argument. On the other hand, a persuasive essay requires the writer to get the reader to agree with their opinions. So, whether it is an argumentative essay, a narrative essay, or a descriptive essay, ensure you understand and comprehend what a particular essay is all about.

  1. Master the process of writing an essay

Every academic writing task requires a clear process to create a significant piece of writing and present the ideas in an orderly manner. Before you begin the essay writing process, understand the process as outlined below:

  • Researching
  • Formulating ideas
  • Creating an outline
  • Writing the essay
  • Reviewing and revising

If you have written an essay before, it is easy to master the steps with ease. However, if it is your first essay, it might be hard to master the process, and this will require you to read through the processes to understand it better.


How to focus on writing an essay depends on the student’s efforts and determination to put together the tips named above for a simplified writing process. Nursing students can rely on this service for support in writing nursing essays Their team is well-versed in nursing topics and can help you produce essays that meet the standards of the healthcare industry. Also, a student should determine the elements that cause loss of concentration first before determining ways to improve the focus on writing.